I love bed. I love the beach. I love having a chat. I love Pinterest. I love almost everything that differs from what I actually have to do.

Not want to do, have to do. The hard thing for me is that I’m actually a very organised person, and I tick boxes on a to-do list better than most. It’s getting started on that list that’s tough. I found that for me, I needed to find a way that kept my motivation going, my guilt at bay for avoiding said tasks and to enjoy the glory of getting things done.

I decided to create a bit of a morning routine for myself to kick start my day in a positive way. I found that implementing small elements into my daily life really did add up to a positive Sammy and I really wanted to address the other parts of my daily routines that struggle. Procrastination was one of those roadblocks. I sat down one day and thought about what would be my dream environment to get things done in, and how I can some how replicate that in to my everyday life, so when I respond to the question ‘so…how was your day?’ it’s with a happy constructive answer, rather than a woe-is-me answer.

Here are a few things I came up with:

Clear Space

I’m one for ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ so I know that I can’t even begin to think about anything else if my surroundings are cluttered. It’s always a good start to make clearing a space for you to work as your number one task.

Write It Down

YES! No matter how good you are at remember what you’ve got to get done; if you’re in a phase where you are struggling with procrastinating it’s usually because your to-dos are a little overwhelming. I’ve found that if I write it down (even if it’s just two things) I end up looking at the task in a different light because it’s been simplified through the process. A few words on a page aren’t as daunting as the huge, ‘argh’ moment that we’ve created in our minds.

Having some nice stationary to write your to-do list on is always a great way to encourage action, rather than scribbling on the back of an old envelope. Of course there are some amazing Apps available too, so if you’re more tech inclined you can find great to-do lists that also sync to your calendars for added benefit. Each to their own – you’ve gotta do what works for you!

There is no better feeling than drawing a line through a task that’s now done and dusted!


Similar to establishing a clear space, I find that creating a great environment and ambiance to work in totally makes it less painful. Whether it’s lighting a candle, brewing some tea, using noise cancelling head phones, or busting out some awesome 80’s tracks (…just me then?), I find that when I make the environment around me a positive one and one that I enjoy being in, I end up knocking out my tasks quickly and to a better quality than that of rushing them through.


This really is the issue. I’m a Gemini, so I’m sure some people would say that I have different mood swings that affect my approach (I don’t know what they’re talking about!) but astrology aside, I do find that some days I’m more eager about life than others. A morning routine has definitely helped, but even that took a while to take off and stick. I find that switching my perspective around on my day and what I need to get done makes the biggest difference. The ‘but I don’t want to’ is a pretty dominant feeling, so I have to remind myself that once I commit to doing it and finishing it, I’ll have more time to spend doing what I’d rather be doing and without the guilt hanging over my head. It’s funny though, because once you get up and smash whatever it is you need to get done, you feel like one million bucks and you end up getting more out of your day. It’s just like exercise – waking up early and going to the gym is tough, but once you’re there and you focus on what you’re doing the feeling afterwards is bliss.


Focus on what you actually need to get done. Even try to register with yourself when you’re procrastinating and what you are actually doing. If you’re on the Internet for example – Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, think about when you actually engaged in what you are looking at vs. what you are just staring at out of habit. Try limiting your time on some Apps where you know you’re likely to get lost in their world for longer than you should.

Forward Think

For me I am an over thinker, so when it comes to time management, I’ve found that having a quick glance into my diary and the days/week ahead can make a big difference. If I have a productive morning, and find myself with a spare 15 minutes, I’ll see what else I can set in motion for the following days. That way, I have given myself a little head start and I’ve saved myself the stress and hassle of trying to squeeze more into a busy day.

And finally…

This one actually cracks me up. A survey was done with women from ages 18-45, where they were asked a series of questions regarding their productivity in relation to what they wear. Of course, when they were in their PJ’s most said they didn’t have the incentive to get up and get going, but 65% of women said that when they are dressed in their gym gear/active wear they felt more empowered and ready to take on their tasks at hand. So there you have it – if all else fails, put on your Lycra and you’ll be good to go!

Have you found some great ways to beat procrastination? What are they? Share below 🙂

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