I feel very fortunate to have a career in the health and beauty industry as I am able to fulfill my passion every day through skin education and really, truly understanding how the skin works. It is so important to me and because I feel so strongly about it, I treat my skin with the utmost respect. I choose my skincare because I understand what the skin needs to function at its best, to prevent early signs of aging and to stop pigmentation or breakouts from ruining my day-to-day.

I’ve come across so many skincare ranges over time, and while each may have a great product structure, formulation or reputation, when it comes to actually delivering what skin needs, and more specifically what my skin needs, I prefer to stay with the brands that put their research and development, education and key ingredient delivery first, rather than the brands that talk the talk, but don’t quite walk the walk.

I’m always using different products and love trying new ones too, however I do always gravitate back to these staple products, no matter what moment my skin is experiencing. Here are the products that I couldn’t live without (for real!)

Indermica Scrub

This particular Indermica Scrub is a beautiful mix of both cleanser and exfoliator. Its key ingredient is mandelic acid which is brilliant at treating skin problems such as photo-aging, irregular pigmentation and acne – everything that I need treated. Plus, it’s gentle and non-abrasive, removes make up and leaves the skin soft, hydrated and nourished.

Dr Ronald Moy, DNA regeneration serum

I’ve always been an advocate for well hydrated skin to combat anti-aging, however since being introduced to DNA Regeneration Serum my skin has changed dramatically, and not just with preventative anti-aging benefits either. By accelerating the growth of healthy skin cells through plant based barley active growth factors, the serum minimises pore structure, provides lipid hydration and refines the texture of the skin to give a radiant glow.

Medik8 Beta AOX

This product is my favourite, favourite, favourite. I actually would stress hard if I couldn’t get my hands on it. It’s a light weight, 100% oil-free broad spectrum antioxidant serum that is designed to help protect skin from environmental damage through its key ingredients of copper PCA and botanical extracts. It also has two other ingredients that I love: niacin-amide and beta glucan. The beauty with this product is that it assists the skin to repair itself, so for blemish prone skins or skins with post inflammatory pigmentation it is a wonder!

SkinCeuticals Metacell renewal b3

Using some of my favourite ingredients for optimal skin health, Meta-cell Renewal B3 is a beautiful gel-like moisturizer delivering a high concentration of 5% niacin-amide combined with 2% tightening tri-peptide concentrate and 15% glycerin to improve the look of early photo-aging. Since using this product, my skin tone is clear, the texture is soft and my pigment has decreased dramatically. I use this every morning!

Mesoestetic radiance DNA Night

I love this cream so much. Mesoestetic is one of the skin care brands that I hold so much respect for as their approach to skin health and technologies used to deliver what the skin actually needs is second to none. Speaking of technologies within skincare, Radiance DNA night cream uses the natural resting state of the skin to re-adjust cell metabolism during sleep to repair any damaged caused to the DNA structure during daytime (like makeup chemicals, diet, sun exposure). Each morning I wake up with revitalized skin that feels strong, healthy and with my early signs of expression lines slowly fading away. Added bonus, it smells so beautiful!

What are your favourite products at the moment?
I’d love to know, so comment below and share your secret weapons with me!
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