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Sammy is just what you’ve been looking for when it comes to communicating with your students. With the perfect balance between an approachable and relatable big-sister and mentor, Sammy delivers life lessons that are important (and fun) to learn to achieve the best from each individual and extract the potential within, all while emphasising the consequence of not preparing yourself in your moments now, for your abundance of future achievements.

Each of The Cool Calm Collected Projects are specifically designed to work through the needs of every individual to set them up with beneficial life skills that are required for a happy life post school, that are additional and complimentary to that of the existing school curriculums.

Having worked with world leading skin management companies, luxury brands and businesses on all levels, Sammy’s roles have managed everything from event management and public speaking engagements, client and customer service skill building, retail management and business progression, as well as hands on skincare customer interaction training and education. With such a developed and diverse skill set, that all revolves around making other people feel great within themselves, it is a love and honour for Sammy to be part of each and every clients journey. As Sammy works with so many amazing women, she really sees how much we tend to beat ourselves up over the way we approach each moment in our lives, and that is where The Cool Calm Collected formed in her mind. It has now come to life, and it is her hope over nothing else that she can prove to you just how lovely you are.

Sammy is available for assembly guest speaking, personal development studies, after school workshops and an array of other events, and would gladly speak on a range of different subjects as seen throughout The Cool Calm Collected to best fit your school and business’s needs.

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